"Together creating a better foundation for health"

The evolution of learning


Because root cause of today's health crisis is how we train health professionals and the next generation of health advocates deserve a better option when it comes to learning. Current institutional programs are expensive, teach outdated information based on dogma, and don't cover a holistic approach to health. 

The world is changing rapidly and the half life of knowledge is shorter than it's ever been before. We're drowning in information but struggling to obtain clarity. We're wired to others but missing a sense of community and connection. We're taught to memorize information given to us by the "knowers" but aren't encouraged to ask questions. 

The Foot Nerd community was created to solve those problems.


By gathering a community of like minded humans to create the future of health learning. 

By leveraging the power of technology to create a digital health ecosystem for the people by the people.


A community of open minded critical thinkers who lead by example. A new generation of health generalists who are deeply involved with their individual health process and contribute value by sharing their experience.

A decentralized, digital and dynamic knowledge database, which we call the Sapien Code, that is constantly being challenged and perpetually evolving. 

A digital community platform that facilitates peer to peer connection and sharing of ideas.

A major focus with the community is to create a safe space for thoughtful disagreement in our search for truth

Nick, Chief Nerd [Ottawa]