AlphaZero vs. Stockfish

The game of chess changed forever on December 6th, 2017 when the artificial intelligence program created by google called AlphaZero obliterated the most advanced chess engine in the world called Stockfish (a chess engine is a computer program that analyzes massive amounts of data about positions, patterns and strategies of all the worlds grandmasters).

The crazy part is that AlphaZero was never taught chess. In 4 hours of playing against itself and experimenting with different moves, AlphaZero learned chess and was able to become the best chest player in the world, beating out a highly advanced computer with vast amounts of data. 

Instead of studying the most advanced players in the world, AlphaZero simply used play to learn and this same mindset can be applied to health.

Sure, basic knowledge about fundamental principles related to health are beneficial but the most powerful teacher and determinant of truth is the wisdom gained through play and experimentation.

Universities are loaded with smart academics who scour research journals and texts to acquire vast amounts of data which they then form into knowledge. 

Here's the thing: data isn't the important element. Processing and experimentation is what's important. Application of the knowledge within the framework of science is how we determine truth. 

Universities might have the data (Stockfish) but as a distributed learning machine armed with play, we have the advantage. The Nerd Tribe collectively embodies the essence of AlphaZero and that's why the big institutions don't stand a chance.