FNP 2021

[RAW notes: FNP 2021]

Problems to solve: Decentralized governance as a participatory democracy (create and implement voting systems), scaling beyond Dunbar (divide Tribe into smaller clans either by year, geography or teams)

Problems solved: Evolution of SC - turn into a wiki (compensate primary contributors)

New role: Tribe Mother. Primary candidate - Ruth O'Donnell. Role includes daily operations, dispute resolution, experience director, admissions, Welcome package and getting started section updates, coordinate Nerd Helper Team, scholarship program director, direct report to chief nerd.

Amendment to Chief Nerd role: Innovation (tech, community + experience design), research/content director, quarterly budget, marketing messaging

2021 Enrolment fees: $2,450 CAD

Why more expensive? Expanded Nerd pack (more program books), more 1:1 help and guidance through the program

Other changes:

- Single Nerd pack upon admission

- Marketing budget added

- Research budget included with contributors

- Nerd helper role: Program guide

- Class rep role: class leader, liaison to Nerd Helper team and tribe mother 

- Scholarship program (start with 1 scholarship spot per class, application essays submitted to tribe mother, must demonstrate financial need and deep purpose with how they will contribute positively to the world with the information they will be learning, class rep role accepted with scholarship)

Revenue allocation schedule (enrolment fees, experience revenue, Health [Pro] revenue):

20% - Nerd Pack (books, S20, maple beams x2 (FN, BT), tee, bottle, notebook, 2x LB & WT)

15% App

15% - Contributors

15% - Nerd helpers (paid per student, 50% upon admission, 50% upon completing program)

10% Overhead (office, web fees (dropbox, zoom) banking, bookeeping, accounting, travel)

7.5% Mother*

7.5% Chief*

5% meetups

5% marketing

*Capped at 80k, excess allocated to travel/meetups


Continue quarterly admissions

- 2021 class size goal: 40 per quarter, 160 students

- 2022 class size goal: 60 per quarter, 240 students

Experiences resume after C19

Health [Pro] launch late 2021 (revenue schedule: 30% admin, 30% FNP, 20% app, 20% marketing)