In order to apply for Foot Nerd training, email with brief answers to these 5 questions:

1) What is a Foot Nerd and why do you want to become one?

2) Briefly describe what Foot Nerd training is.

3) The first 6 weeks of FNT focuses on restoring your own foot health. Reflect on that. Describe briefly, what you'd like to accomplish in the way of your own foot health.

4) The second 6 weeks of FNT focuses on teaching others about what you're learning. Describe briefly, your own teaching experience, if any, what you'd like to do with the workshop/playshop training you'll receive?

5) How did you hear about Foot Nerd training?


Please include the following information: 

a. Your name and where you live

b. Your primary or special area of interest (movement, food, mind, community, sleep, etc)


We look forward to working with you in our quest to change health culture and empower people to restore excellent health starting with feet.

Much Love

Nerd Herd