Foot Nerd Archives

Hello Foot Nerd and thank you for making it here.

With major changes coming to the foot nerd project in 2023, we created this page to archive everything we've created to date so that you have access to it all as we move forward into our primary focus which will be TFC Guide Training.

Our most current software for restoring healthy feet is the collective compass (formerly called HealthKit). Achieving foot freedom means making it to Basecamp. The 21 hour trek over 42 days consists of navigating the 5 checkpoints we call the keys to foot freedom, learning to listen to your body and building foundational habits that restore your foundation. Foot Nerds have lifetime access to the compass and also to our most updated training called TFC Guide training.

Guide Training is for those who want to lead in public. Individuals who aspire to become community leaders for TFC and wish to harness the energy of groups while being paid for their work.

To access Sapien Code (2019-2020) content, click HERE

To access 6 pillar health content included in the 360 experience (2021-2022), click HERE

To access FNT content click HERE

To access the collective compass, click HERE