Community call (monthly)

Hello TFC family and welcome to our monthly zoom call page

Once a month, we invite all members in our global community to gather on a call to speak with foot nerds, engage in productive debate, ask us anything, and hear about what we're working on at TFC.

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Call #4 - Topic: Q&A All Things Foot Health Related

Date:  October, TBD

Time: 1330 - 1430 Eastern Time (1:30pm ET)

Link to join:

If you can't join us live, you can submit your questions to and we'll attempt to answer as many as possible.

Live participant's questions will take priority. 

A YouTube link of the recording will be posted in the archives within 1-2 days of each call.




Call #3 [September 22, 2022. 1930 - 2030 ET]

Call #2 [August 18, 2022. 1330 - 1500 ET]

Call #1 [June 16, 2022. 1900 - 2030 ET]