Program Completion

Congrats on passing your exam and graduating from the program to become a member of the global Foot Nerd Tribe. 

What happens now?

For 2019 and 2020 Nerds: Click HERE to order your program completion pack  

The next chapter of your Nerd journey:

- Completing the program means you're up to date on our current knowledge but that knowledge will continue to evolve and we hope you join along with us for the evolution. 

- Keep updated with monthly zoom calls and weekly chief check-ins

- Continued engagement with the Nerd Tribe on Slack as desired

The end of 2020 will have a lot of changes happening including:

- Formalizing of research teams which can be joined by graduates

- Team leader positions available 

- Beam experiences training modules available to grads

- Preliminary roles and planning teams for Health [Pro] project created

- TFC Footwear roles creates