Foot Nerd project evolution

The only constant is change.

As we learn better, we do better and work to improve the experience of becoming a Foot Nerd.

2022 has been a big year of change. In order to keep everyone updated and make it easy to get up to speed, we’ve created this change log page to document our evolution.

As the project continues to evolve, we will update this page with any significant changes made to the community and the training program we offer.


- 360 experience (36 lessons covering 6 pillar health)

- Begin development of 12 week program focused on restoring foot health and teaching workshops.

WHY? In times of chaos, focus is a superpower. Based on feedback from the 360 experience and the need to develop community health leaders for stormy times ahead, we condensed and refocused our efforts into what we do best: helping people restore healthy feet and inspiring teachers to spread the message

- Monthly community call started. All foot nerds invited to join

- First group begins new 12 week FNT framework

- New FNT kit (SoleMate, hacky, spreaders, cork ball)

- Community call topic: is detailed gait analysis a useful tool?

- Community call topic: Ankle mobility

- Data collection sheet created to log screens

- Community call: neuromas, Q+A. [add: nerd graduation shoutouts]

- Golden rules

- POW education essay

- HealthKit essay

- Hardcoded into FNT: 15min daily practice, 10min balance training

- Monthly POW call

- Squat peanut gallery experiment

- Blake Withers podcast notes