2022 Foot Nerd Experience

Hi awesome human.

Thank you for making it here and for your interest in reclaiming responsibility for your health. We've been refining our deep dive health commitment over the past 3 years and are excited to present you with the 2022 version of the Foot Nerd experience below.

We believe that the cost of health is paying attention. Being healthy means making time to better understand health while mindfully exploring different ways to improve our daily behaviors. It's the path we must all take to move in the direction of health.

Applications are accepted anytime and the deadline is the 14th day of each month in order to be placed in the next available pod.

Click HERE to submit your application to begin your Foot Nerd journey.


 Summary of the 2022 Nerd journey: 

- 360 hour commitment (1 hour per day for 360 days)

- Structure: 6 blocks, 20% information, 60% experimentation, 20% reflection

- 36 lessons* created by Nerds

- Learning pods & learning partners


*Each lesson has 3 content layers:

- Layer 1: Audio lesson recorded by teachers, database of experiments to choose from so you can verify and discover your own truth.

- Layer 2: Conversations and stories by Nerds about the lesson topic (audio, video or written form)

- Layer 3: Sources used to create the lesson, recommended books, additional resources for going deeper (books, podcasts, videos, articles)


Enrolment fee

- $1,250 CAD (includes lifelong access to all lessons and community platforms as the project continues to evolve). 20% discount if paying in sats (bitcoin).

- Optional (but highly recommended) student pack $350 CAD (discounted price for Foot Nerds, retail value of goods in the student pack is approx $550)

- How we allocate the revenue: 40% teachers, 35% support, 25% exposure


Below you will find the topics for each lesson covered in the protocol (subject to change as we continue refining the protocol as a community)


Block 1:

Lesson 1 (1.1) - Welcome to your health journey

[our collective values (manifesto), critical thinking, proof of work, experiments, accountability, creating purpose, student pack]

Lesson 2 (1.2) - What is health?

[your definition of health, a process of mindful exploration, continuum of responsibility, a lifetime process, dangers of comfort/convenience]

Lesson 3 (1.3) - What is community?

[define community, your pod, your partner, how we use slack and github]

Lesson 4 (1.4) - Meta learning

[learning to learn, a practice, a mindset]

Lesson 5 (1.5) - Know thy time

[time audit, write down your values, check time and value alignment, efficient vs. effective, doing the right things]

Lesson 6 (1.6) - Design your experience

[clarify purpose + values, plan (calendar), prompts, setting hard boundaries, contingency planning]


Block 2:

Lesson 7 (2.1) - First principles

[tree of understanding, s.a.i.d principle, trusting our physiology]

Lesson 8 (2.2) - Science: A system for seeking truth

[science defined, applying the system, being your own scientist]

Lesson 9 (2.3) - Feet

[Foot & Ankle HealthKit]

Lesson 10 (2.4) - Mind

[mental health, mental training, meditation, brain hygiene]

Lesson 11 (2.5) - Game theory of health

[sickcare system, mis-aligned incentives, creating a health system, medicine]

Lesson 12 (2.6) - Behaviour design

[principles, tiny habits, practical applications]


Block 3:

Lesson 13 (3.1) - Money

[the keystone pillar, protecting your time so you can spend time on your health]

Lesson 14 (3.2) - Sleep

[importance, effects, sleep hygiene, immune function]

Lesson 15 (3.3) - Food

[food defined, we are what we eat, food principles, fasting, nutritionism]

Lesson 16 (3.4) - Regenerative health

[healing vs. symptom suppression, medicine, body literacy, hearing signals]

Lesson 17 (3.5) - Environment

[environment defined, mental, social, physical, environment design]

Lesson 18 (3.6) - Deep work & solitude

[technology self defence, intentionality, reducing noise, digital minimalism]


Block 4:

Lesson 19 (4.1) - Hips

[regional interdependence, chair sitting, squat: master screen] 

Lesson 20 (4.2) - Movement Nutrition

[sedentary exercisers, becoming a mover, movement > exercise]

Lesson 21 (4.3) - Pain, Hardware vs. Software

[a signal to be respected, hardware first, daily software updates]

Lesson 22 (4.4) - Play

[defining play, a forgotten learning tool, making movement fun]

Lesson 23 (4.5) - Ground living

[what is ground living?, default lifestyle, environment design]

Lesson 24 (4.6) - Breath

[importance, unnatural imposed demands, practical experiments]


Block 5

Lesson 25 (5.1) - Self awareness

[what is self awareness?, how to cultivate it, expanding physical/mental limits]

Lesson 26 (5.2) - Feelings & emotions

[expanding vocabulary, emotional intelligence, RULER]

Lesson 27 (5.3) - Stress

[perception, reframing, resilience, growth, engineering adaptive stressors, immune function]

Lesson 28 (5.4) - Relationships

[dynamics, living authentically, self, value alignment, honesty]

Lesson 29 (5.5) - The art of asking questions

[deep listening, understanding, not giving answers]

Lesson 30 (5.6) - Spirituality & death

[What is spirituality? how does death relate to health?]


Block 6

Lesson 31 (6.1) - Journey synthesis

[log review, analysis, celebration, sharing experiences, new old way]

Lesson 32 (6.2) - Insights

[aha moments, toughest moments, sweetest victories, important personal lessons, application of lessons, heuristics, mental models]

Lesson 33 (6.3) - Deep dive

[deeper learning exploration on a specific topic of interest]

Lesson 34 (6.4) - Sharing your story

[10min video, partner podcast, craft a bio]

Lesson 35 (6.5) - Health guide

[what is a health guide?, path, expectations, the ultimate craft]

Lesson 36 (6.6) - Congratulations. Continuing your journey. 

[program debrief, importance of celebration, inspiring others, continued health practice, contributing to the FNE, life crafting - what is your ideal life? define work]