Foot Nerd Training - FAQ

Do I need to have any previous experience in doing workshops?

No previous experience is needed, only a motivation to learn, lead by example and a desire to become an effective teacher to share your understanding

Would I be working with TFC and using the name and products to run workshops?

Yes, TFC supports all Foot Nerds in their teaching endeavors by promoting events on our social platforms and providing discounted products which can be sold by nerds to their local communities as a source of income


What does the training schedule look like?

Week 1-6: understanding and experientially restoring natural foot health
Week 7: debrief + integration for first 6 weeks
Week 8-11: workshop training & healthnode discussions
week 12: debrief + integration of entire 12 week experience

Is everything online? Is there in person elements?

In order for Foot Nerds to access the training from anywhere in the world, the content is hosted and delivered digitally.

We use slack to share our progress and be witnessed by one another, we hold a monthly community call for TFC and host bi-weekly zoom discussions for nerds to connect and offer each other support, feedback and to witness each others proof of work.

Once Foot Nerds are ready to deliver their workshops, they offer their content live and in person, to their communities.

How many days a week and hours per day does training involve?

Foot Nerd Training is a simple commitment: 1 hour a day for 12 weeks (84 days)

How much income can I expect to be making?

Depends on how much energy you put into it - ie: your motivation and drive, frequency of sessions offered, size of local community, specific offerings you choose to focus on.


Are they modules?

Yes, each week has its own focus which includes a written file and videos which are pre-recorded based on the focus and intention for that week.

Who is this for?

Foot Nerd Training is for any individual who wishes to restore healthy feet and has a desire to share their knowledge to help others do the same


What kind of classes do you prepare us to teach?

We support Foot Nerds in any aspirations they have to teach and share what they have discovered through their own personal exploration. This includes but is not limited to in person group experience, 1:1 in person sessions or digital workshops

Do I have to be a health professional in order to take this course?

Although many Foot Nerds are health professionals, it isn't required and training is designed for someone with no previous experience or understanding about foot health.


The 12 week training is a rigorous digital self paced training program designed to help you restore your own foot health by dedicating 1 hour per day to the lessons and experiments. You collect baseline data in the form of photos, videos and measurements, share them with Nerd peers and at the end of 6 weeks you will do the same and reflect on the changes you've made.


The first 6 weeks have you working on your own foot health. You interact with other Foot Nerds who are in the program at the same time on Slack and Zoom, our digital office spaces.

Week 7 is an integration week. Time spent reflecting on your 6 weeks, the results you achieved and the lessons you learned.

The second phase: week 8-12 is workshop training where you learn how to create a workshop for your community, based on what you've learned in the first 6 weeks.

The class/work/play shop is the culmination of your Foot Nerd Training. It does not have to be recorded. Because there are so many backgrounds in our Foot Nerd community, a nerd may be teaching to a full room of people or to one or two family members or friends.

The idea is to give you the tools to teach the material you've learned about and if you choose to offer these kinds of experiences to your community, give you the support and confidence to create an income for yourself teaching other people about foot health and your experience. Your workshop can be as small or big of an event that you choose. You will reflect on your experience in creating the workshop to whomever you choose and then tell your Foot Nerd peers about what you learned.