12 weeks - FNT - Proof of Work Call

We meet the 1st Monday of Every Month live on Zoom
Proof of Work Education:
Foot Nerds going through 12-week training participate in monthly zoom calls.
Purpose: Check in, show your work, offer feedback to others, witness each other
How to prepare for the call:
Template: - 60 min - 60 sec intro per person (name, location, current week) The framework:
- Each Foot Nerd shares the following:
1. Your biggest success so far
2. Your biggest challenge at the moment
3. Which experiment or activity you're working on that you would like
feedback about. Please be prepared to show fellow nerds, physically, so we can
watch each other move in real time.
time. (Bring any tools you'll need)
4. Each nerd will have up to 5 minutes
After each nerd shares, there will be an amount of time for
others to offer feedback and ask questions.
(We'll keep time so everyone will have an opportunity)

Calls are held on the 1st Monday of each month.
Times will vary to accommodate as many Foot Nerds as possible.

If a Foot Nerd is unable to be on the call live, the Foot Nerd is responsible
to submit a video prior to the call with her/his Proof of Work.
Load your work in the shared google drive and the Slack channel #pow-fnt-monthly-call
prior to the call.

We will share your work live on the call with the others.
The Foot Nerd follows the format for the call listed above.
This is Proof of Work education.

Here is the shared google drive link:

Calls will be recorded and replay links will be archived below (scroll down)
Stem Questions when giving feedback and observations:
1. "When I watched you/your ________, I made this/these observations...
2. "What I see is..."
3. "How does my observation fit with what you feel/see"?
*These stem questions help you remember that we're learning to ask
better questions.

Date: December 5
Time: 7:30pm Eastern Time (check your time zones)
link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83897530663?pwd=M2x4VXRKREc2ajNQOFY3TndnM1dSZz09
2023: Jan 2, Feb 6, March 6, April 3