Health Guide Certification

By reclaiming full responsibility for one's health through the FNP, we gain a foundational knowledge of health that can then be applied to helping others as Health Guides.

Why does HGC exist?

1) To qualify those with an understanding of health that wish to guide others

2) To redefine what it means to be a health professional and to create a valid proxy for the ability to effectively help people navigate their health journey towards reclaiming full responsibility for their health. 

3) To provide meaningful work to those who have demonstrated POW and are motivated to help others. 


 2022 HGC proposal summary:

- 30 hour commitment (2.5hrs per week for 12 weeks)

- 12 audio lessons created by Health Guides

- Monthly zoom call with guides

- Content: 20% information, 50% practical, 30% mentorship

- Revenue allocation: 50% mentor, 25% podcast, 25% support (legal fund?)



 - Pricing ($CAD): $1,200 enrolment fee, includes 1 year marketplace listing

- Value: content, mentorship, listing in marketplace, opportunity to mentor nerds

- Practical: offer 45 min sessions free of charge, recorded and feedback formalized by individual receiving guidance.

- Scope of a Health Guide