Program Mémoire

Starting in July 2020, FNP leadership made a change in the rite of passage that marks the end of the program journey and the doorway to officially being a member of the Nerd Tribe. Until July, we had been using an oral exam administered by a Nerd Helper to confirm and standardize a level of understanding shared by all Nerds graduating from the program.

The newly created rite of passage will now be two parts: 1) An 8-10 page program mémoire and 2) a de-brief call including an optional “exam” with someone from the Nerd Helper team. The exam has always been more of a debrief than an official test (nobody ever failed) but we feel that a reflection paper would be a much more powerful way to finish the program.

In French culture, the word mémoire reflects the writers own experience and memories. The aim is to take notes over the course of your program experience and use the act of writing your memoire as an opportunity to summarize those notes and gain valuable insights from your time within the program. 

Mémoire template:

- Part 1: Where I started, why I joined the community

- Part 2: Initial impressions of the program, planning your program journey

- Part 3: Challenges, struggles, wins, highlights (what did I find difficult?, memorable victories, what did I enjoy?)

- Part 4: Major insights, reflections, aha! moments, powerful applications in my life (1 paragraph for each pillar of health)

- Part 5: Where I ended - What were my biggest improvements?, realizations, areas of health I plan to prioritize, how I plan to share my experience and knowledge with others

- Part 6: Program debrief: What did I like about the program, what can the FNP improve, how would I explain being part of this community to others who might ask about it

- Part 7: My future aspirations and vision for what I want to do with my life in the next 5 years, how I see TFC being able to help me reach those aspirations.  

Formatting: Courier new, size 12 font, 1.27cm document margins (top, bottom, left, right)


Your memoir is submitted to mark the completion of your initiation into the Nerd Tribe as an official member and graduate of the Foot Nerd Program. 

Formatting: Courier new, size 12 font, 1.27cm document margins (top, bottom, left, right), can be submitted as a PDF, google doc, word document or pages document.

Your program mémoire is submitted to a Nerd Helper through Slack once you have completed all sections, supporting resources, read the program books and have completed all projects. The debrief call is typically 30 minutes and is done over Slack Audio. At the end of your debrief call, you will receive a follow up email that contains a website link detailing how to order your program completion pack and what options lie ahead on your journey as a Foot Nerd. Your settings in TFC App will be switched to “Program Graduate” at which point your profile will change and you will gain access to graduate sections within the SC.