What we cover

The Foot Nerd Program content lives within the FNP App (versions for web, iOS and Android available). Below is an outline of the current program content that we cover. Each micro chapter (short & sweet) contains content written by Nerds and accompanying video & audio resources. 

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Manifesto (3 chapters): Foot Nerd Manifesto, Whats a Foot Nerd?, FNP Vision Statement

Welcome (3 chapters): Welcome package, Program checklist, A safe space

Projects (20 chapters): The concept of projects, Leading by example, Systems > goals, Individual chapters for Projects #1 - 8, Lifetime project

Introduction (33 chapters): Brains behind the content, P&S A&T, 5 pillars of health, Exponential learning, A shared purpose, Collective learning, Principles of science, Always learning, Stages of learning, Protect - Correct - Develop, Treatment vs. Prevention, Health vs. Medicine, Pain science, Complex systems, Personal responsibility, Being the example, Fundamental needs, The psychology of health, Redefining health, Lifestyle, Mismatch diseases, Game theory of Health, Critical thinking, Leading experiences, Intentional tech use, tfcMighty.com, Learning organization, Environment, Types of environment, Environment change, Transportation & schools, Epigenetics, Language & terminology

Feet (19 chapters): Objective: simplify, Introduction, Why feet matter, Protect - Correct - Develop, Feet: predictor of injury, Treatment vs. Prevention, Footwear, Harmful footwear & myths, Natural footwear, Transitioning to natural footwear, Foot anatomy, Foot to hip connection, Foot core, Foot scan, Foot dysfunction, Common foot problems, Plantar fasciitis, conventional treatment, Foot restoration

Movement (27 chapters): Brains behind the content, P&S A&T, Introduction, Movement nutrition, Natural movement, Movement practice, Play, Balance, Mobility, Strength, Becoming a mover, Foot, Ankle, Hip, Base of the pyramid, Core, Breath 1, Hinge, Squat, Movement screening, Developmental movement, Micro nutrients and macro skills, Principles of movement, Hardware & software, Movement vs. Exercise, A fundamental need, Regional interdependence

Sleep (19 chapters): Brains behind the content, P&S A&T, Introduction, what is sleep?, Why we sleep, How much sleep?, Obstacles to sleep, Caffeine, Sleep drugs, Alcohol, Light, How to improve your sleep, Creating a sleep sanctuary, Earn your sleep, Crafting a sleep prep ritual, Calming your mind, 12 tips, Stress and sleep: a vicious cycle

Food (21 chapters): Brains behind the content, P&S A&T, Introduction, book exerpt, 7 powerful words, Food defined, Food products, The age of nutritionism, Orthorexia, Meat, The western diet, Internal vs. External cues, Mindless vs. Mindful eating, Having a food system, Food principles, How you eat, Stress and digestion, The good news, Introduction to fasting, Regenerative agriculture, Going deeper

Mind (16 chapters): Brains behind the content, P&S A&T, Introduction, Mental health, Mindfulness, Mental training, Reframing, RAIN, Types of awareness, Meditation, Gratitude, Basics of the brain, Concentration, Trauma and mindfulness, Intro to stoicism, Silence

Community (6 chapters): Brains behind the content, P&S A&T, Connection to others, Loneliness, Being in service, Technology and loneliness

Behaviour change (19 chapters): Brains behind the content, Problem & Solution, Introduction, Your behaviours shape you, Behaviours reflect the environment, Coaching behaviour change, Lifetime habits, Healthy behaviours, Change is scary, Kaizen, The power of small habits, Fogg behaviour model, 7 steps in behaviour design, Psychology of habits, The science of habit, Building aligned habits, Breaking mis-aligned habits, Creating systems, Accountability

Book reports (19 chapters): Why? & What?, Template, Compensation, Expectations & tips, Reports available, Movement Matters, Beautiful Practice, Story of the Human Body, New Old Way, Move your DNA, Why We Sleep, Complete Guide to Fasting, The Diabetes Code, Start with Why, Together, Breathe, Nudge, Helping People Change, Principles of Natural Movement, Indistractable, Super Immunity, In Defence of Food, Tiny Habits

Course reports (4 chapters): Introduction, FRC, Animal Flow, MovNat 

Local leadership (3 chapters): What is local leadership?, Local barefoot hike story, Barefoot kids event