The global Foot Nerd community serves 3 primary purposes:

1) Together, create a robust database of knowledge that has been put through the rigor of the scientific method and reflects a combination of our collective experiences and wisdom absorbed from previous generations. 

This dynamic and constantly evolving database of knowledge is at the core of our community. It comprises the material (know as "the curriculum") made available to students within the program and must be regularly challenged in order to remain current. 

2) Unify health leaders from around the world who find meaning in sharing the lessons learned on their health journey with others. Doing great things is a team sport and although individual nodes can have an impact on local communities, connecting those nodes into a distributed network allows for the emergence of exponential increases in progress. 

3) Create a platform for community members to be compensated for their contributions in helping others though experiences and 1:1 sessions with members of our global TFC community.