Sapien Code

[Work in progress]

We used to call it a curriculum. The word "curriculum" comes from traditional education institutions and can be defined as: "the subjects comprising a course of study in a school or college". It worked for a while to give meaning to our decentralized and fast evolving database of knowledge but as the FNP began to truly find its identity, the term became too limiting. 

A good place to start when determining appropriate nomenclature for something is to first fully understand what you are defining. In our case, it's a collection of information within various types of media (audio, video, written) that is constantly changing and reflects the best we know right now. The content is perpetually evolving and our entire community plays a part in helping it change in the right direction. We share our own experiences and collectively look for patterns while using first principles of biology and the method of science to maintain objectivity when determining the truth. The only thing we can say for sure the information is always temporary and change is the only constant. 

As of July 2020, our leadership team has decided to move beyond the term curriculum and into a new chapter of the community by using the term "Sapien Code" (or SC for short) to describe our collective wisdom. Sapien code is a combination of the term "source code" and "sapience"

Source code is a computer programming term that describes the deepest layer of code which software is built on. In a human context, source code is the fundamental knowledge that we use to guide our behaviours. The behaviours will be different for each of us, but the principles we agree on when it comes to health colors our individual experience. 

Sapience is synonym for Wisdom. It describes the quality of being wise and the ability to act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight. Wisdom is associated with attributes such as unbiased judgement, compassion, experiential self-knowledge and non attachment to concept. Sapience is what makes us human and it encapsulates a strong virtue all Foot Nerds can strive towards. 

In order to evolve, the SC must be challenged. If we can agree on a set of tools (critical thinking, scientific method), then the more we challenge our perspectives, the more accurate they will become. Collectively, we are the immune system that maintains truth. 


The Program: Learning and practicing the current SC. Includes understanding the concepts and implementing them in your own life. 

Program Mémoire + debrief call with Nerd Helper: The rite of passage that signifies your completion of the Foot Nerd program and membership into the Nerd  Tribe. It's your personal reflection of the program journey and in July 2020 it replaced the "exam" as rite of passage to exit the program and enter the community. 10 page memoir is based on a template and includes major insights, impactful reflections, and memorable realizations. 

Nerd Tribe: The global community of Nerds who have completed the program. 


 Current SC architecture: