Student pack FAQ

Hey Nerds - this page was created to answer questions about your student pack. If you have any other questions that aren't answered here, please contact Ruth by sending an email to

Why do we need a student pack?

Your student pack contains important materials that allow you to complete the Foot Nerd Program. Books to read, equipment needed for projects, and some TFC swag to welcome you to the family. 


I already have a beam, toe spreaders & cork ball and can buy the books on amazon, do I need to order the student pack?

If you can buy everything yourself for cheaper than the student pack, feel free to do that. The retail value of all items included is $575 and we have brought that down to around our cost ($350) for Nerds taking the FNP. We buy the books from amazon at normal prices and a major goal of the student pack is to help get everything to you in a single package.

The student pack isn't mandatory but the elements included are very important to fully experience what this program offers.