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TaskForces are special teams recruited from the Nerd Tribe on a mission to deliver a public service. To research and apply principles of rigorous journalism to investigating complex and confusing topics related to health. 

Research is funded by the Foot Nerd program and we also accept public donations in order to expand the budget and recruit a larger team that can increase their time allocation.

Deliverable: 2500 word article & 90 minute podcast which includes a full financial report on where all donations were allocated.

We look forward to being of service and thank everyone who donates for being part of the collective effort to discover the truth


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Current Taskforce: Childhood Vaccines

Project timeline: October 8, 2020 - December 3, 2020

Article release: December 3

Podcast recording: December 2, 2020 @ 9am EST (will immediately be uploaded to youtube)

Budget: $4,500 CAD contributed by FNP plus any public contributions received

Topics to investigate:

- Review and scrutinize current childhood vaccine schedules in USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Europe

- Connection between childhood vaccines and autism (specifically the timing of the MMR vaccine)

- Review available evidence claiming link between autism and childhood vaccines has been "debunked"

- CDC whistleblower case, potential fraudulent data reporting & manipulation

- The exponential rise of childhood autism rates

- Question: Do the CDC guidelines reflect the best interest of children?

- Question: Has the CDC been corrupted by pharmaceutical companies profiting from Vaccines?

- Question: Is the national childhood vaccine injury act ethical? who does it benefit? who does it harm? who does it protect?

- Question: Why hasn't a vax vs. unvax study been conducted?

End Goal: Compile relevant data needed for parents to be given truly informed consent


Current resources we will be investigating

- Video: Vaxxed documentary

- Book: The Vaccine friendly plan by Paul Thomas

- Book: Vaccines 2.0 by Mark Blaxill

- Age of autism by Mark Blaxill

- Podcast: The Vaccine conversation ep. 36

- Podcast: Learn True Health ep. 224

- Available literature on high quality childhood vaccine safety studies


If you would like to help by submitting resources for our team to investigate (books, videos, articles, podcasts), please email the team leader at nerdtaskforce1@gmail.com