Dear Nerd -

If you find yourself at this page it indicates that you have an interest in teaching and I would like to take a second to honor that. Creating an amazing program experience requires amazing teachers. We have an overwhelming amount of smart, kind, knowledgeable humans in this community and it's truly an honor to work and learn alongside you all. Thank you for your energy and for your willingness to share what you know with new nerds beginning their health journey.

As explorers of health, many of us don't begin our journey with a desire or expectation to teach (I didn't) but after reaching a certain level of understanding on a topic, not sharing what you know with others begins to seem like a waste.

For me, teaching is another outlet for learning. As teachers we share our insights, not to offer them as truth, but to put them forth so our ideas, models and theories can be tested, critiqued and revised by others who also consider themselves curious explorers of health.

Every teacher will teach in their own way but as a collective group of teachers within the Foot Nerd Program, a shared ethos is what will keep us accountable in  maintaining a standard of excellence. A credo that students can hold us to and be inspired by as they perhaps eventually embark on their own process of becoming a teacher.

THIS article by Tomer Strolight is a wonderful 8 minute read on the topic of teaching. Please read it now and return here for continued reading.

In the article, Tomer outlines 3 activities involved with teaching: discovering knowledge, shaping that knowledge into a lesson & teaching the lesson.

As teachers we must first discover something new. Not necessarily new information, but perhaps a new way of understanding and presenting information already known such that it becomes clearer, simpler and more applicable/testable by our students.

As teachers we must test the information and face many moments of truth that determine whether our perspective is confirmed or whether we must revisit our assumptions and conduct further experiments.

Crafting a lesson is not an easy task. It requires time, energy, attention and a motivation to do your best work for the sake of your students.

Within the Foot Nerd Program, each lesson can be viewed as it's own living, dynamic organism that is constantly evolving and improving as more students learn from it and critique it. As a lesson teacher, you are one of two Nerds given the responsibility of taking care of your respective organism. You are the co-creators and executives within this domain of health understanding. You accept the duty to nurture your lesson, to test it, to challenge it and to continuously mold it based on feedback from our community. For this duty you are rewarded with your respective share of the monetary energy that this project generates.

Teachers are chosen by the tribe. Individuals begin by expressing interest in teaching a lesson & reading this important page. From there, we coordinate as a community to usher the right people into teaching positions for each individual lesson. It is a meritocracy. Teachers must have a deep understanding of their topic, have a motivation to continue learning about the topic and must be able to communicate the topic with a lesson that they craft as a duo.

The teachers pledge

- I pledge to actively explore my health in search of new knowledge I can share with students who have offered me their time.

- I will work to distill the knowledge I have obtained so that others may learn it.

- I will work to teach that knowledge to others and will provide my proof of work so that students may verify my work and form their own conclusions.

- I will be receptive to feedback, criticism and productive disagreement while always preferring to learn than to be right.

- I will pass on my role as teacher to a worthy replacement when I no longer wish to carry the responsibility of lesson executive.

- I take my work very seriously and hold myself to a standard of excellence so as never to fall into an acceptance of mediocrity. This is a standard that I expect my fellow teachers to hold themselves to.


Roles & expectations of lesson executives:

- Accept full responsibility for the lesson

- Record an audio lesson and detailed lesson notes

- Approve github commits, engage in discussions and productive disagreement around your topic on slack.

- Curator and steward of all lesson content (layer 1,2,3)

- Distribute payments to significant lesson contributors based on merit as you see fit (more relevant if/when the program scales up in student enrolment volume).



Thank you for reading this.