Although we come to the community from varied backgrounds, we align on a shared goal to lead by example and embody health. Some of us are health professionals, some aren't, but we are all humans deeply involved in our health journey and have a desire to learn. 

Community is a powerful catalyst for action. Whether it's researching new information, attempting to change our lifestyle, or looking to find meaning and fulfillment in our work, being part of a community makes the journey more enjoyable.  

We live in different cities, on different continents and have different lives but we connect, share and engage with each other through virtual platforms and consider ourselves a tribe. Like in any tribe, everyone has a role to play. Here are some of our current ones:


- Nerd in progress: Someone currently completing the program

- Tribe member: Initiated member of the Foot Nerd community who has completed the program. Non contributing role.

- Contributor: Tribe member who is actively contributing value as a creator, team leader or helper.

- Academic Elders: Board of allies who help guide our community and who contribute wisdom to the SC

- Chief Nerd: Leader and face of the Foot Nerd community

Tribe Mother: Program director and primary resource for Tribe members. 

[Starting 2021] Elder council: Leadership board of the Foot Nerd Community