The Nerd Journey

You are currently taking the first step in the Nerd journey - submitting your application to join the Tribe. Once your application has been approved and enrolment fees are paid, the learning process begins as you work your way through the Foot Nerd Program which includes books, digital chapters and a set of projects that will challenge you both physically and mentally. 

Your time within the program finishes with the submission of your program mémoire - a reflection paper summarizing your insights, struggles, challenges and growth during your time as a student. 

After a debrief call with someone from the Nerd Helper team, you are officially welcomed as a member of our global tribe of Foot Nerds. With lifetime access to our constantly evolving collective wisdom, the learning journey never ends but you can choose to become more involved with the community by contributing research, creating content or joining a team.

Keeping connected with the Nerd tribe on Slack, participating in events, and attending meetups are all elements that encompass continued engagement with the Nerd community as you continue along your life path.  

Here is a graphic our team created to give you a visual of the program journey: