The Foot Nerd Program is a journey. An experiential learning adventure that focuses on applying knowledge as you become aware of it, not simply consuming it and storing it in the mental dimension alone. 

The Sapien Code that makes up our collective knowledge is the software we currently agree on and reflects the best we know right now. In order to evolve our thinking, the code must be challenged. 

As you proceed through the program you will experience insights, conflict, challenge, failures, victories and a broad spectrum of emotions. Embrace every element as valuable and part of the path to growth you have chosen to embark on. 

You have twelve months to complete the program. Twelve months to engage in the process of personal inquiry and experiential learning to refine you perspective of health. Twelve months to do experiments in your life to discover the truth when it comes to health. Depending on your level of daily commitment and motivation to learn, you might complete the program in a much shorter period of time and thats okay. 

The rite of passage that signifies your completion of the program and membership to the global Foot Nerd community is the submission of your FNP journey mémoire. A collection of thoughts, insights and reflections from your experience in the program. Click HERE for more information about the program mémoire.