Your initiation into the Nerd Tribe involves completion of the Foot Nerd Program (click HERE to view a program outline). A journey lasting up to 12 months that provides you with a foundational understanding of health and challenges you to apply the knowledge in your life. 

This isn't an easy program. It will challenge you mentally and physically and will push your limits in order to facilitate a powerful personal growth experience. 

With that said, you don't go it alone. Your fellow Nerds in progress are there to give you support and work through the Sapien Code (the home of our collective wisdom and the core of the Nerd community).

As you proceed through the program you will experience insights, conflict, challenge, failures, victories and a broad spectrum of emotions. Embrace every element as valuable and part of the path to growth you have chosen to embark on. 

You have twelve months to complete the program. Twelve months to engage in the process of personal inquiry and experiential learning to refine you perspective of health. Twelve months to do experiments in your life to discover the truth when it comes to health. Depending on your level of daily commitment and motivation to learn, you might complete the program in a much shorter period of time and thats okay. 

The rite of passage that signifies your completion of the program and membership to the global Foot Nerd community is the submission of your Mémoire. A collection of thoughts, insights and reflections from your experience in the program.

If you're ready to make the commitment to a year long challenge that supercharges you personal growth and health awareness, click the "apply" tab to learn about taking the next step. 


2021 Program update (all amounts in $CAD)

Enrolment fee*: $2,100

Student pack: $350

Total program cost: $2,450 CAD


Student pack content:

- Books (Tiny Habits, Move your DNA, In Defence of Food, The Little Book of Being, New Old Way)

- Nerd Logbook

- Foot Nerd edition Maple beam (24"), Classic beam (24")

- Foot Restoration Kits (x5), Wild Toes (x5)

- TFC t-shirt

- Hacky Sack

- TFC stainless water bottle


Enrolment fee allocation:

25% Experience

20% Teachers

20% Tech (App)

15% Admin

10% Research

10% Marketing