How it started

The Foot Nerd program began in late 2018 as an idea to spread awareness and understanding on the topic of foot health to a global community of leaders who can then pass on the knowledge to their local communities. Foot & hip problems are often treated palliatively (controlling symptoms without addressing the cause) and it needed to change. People we spoke with were overwhelmed with information but struggling for clarity. We decided to begin building a community of people who nerd out on feet and wanted to be more effective at helping others restore natural function. 

What began with feet turned into a bigger idea. What if we could apply the same principles of simplifying feet to other pillars of health? What if we could challenge the status quo and reinvent the way we learn in order to solve the problems we face today with traditional education institutions. Expensive tuition, lack of value, outdated information, memorization based, short-duration & isolation based learning, appeal to many things that don't reflect how humans learn optimally and that prevent a meaningful path of inquiry to determine truth. 

We live in a unique time right now. Access to information isn't a problem anymore.....filtering the abundance of information and keeping up to date is now the struggle. The digital world created an environment that has removed us from our individual experience. We lookup facts and internalize them as truth without ever proving to ourselves through experience that they reflect the truth.

What began as a small community sharing PDF's of a centrally created, foot centric knowledge database updated quarterly has blossomed into a global community sharing a decentralized, constantly evolving repository of our collective wisdom on the topic of health.

The mission: Disruptive change. To collectively evolve a knowledge base (The Sapien Code) guided by the scientific method and our individual experience.  A code that is constantly challenged, a program that facilitates community based learning, and an organization that offers community members opportunities to contribute value and be compensated for helping others. 

We started as Foot Nerds and will always be Foot Nerds. We begin with the feet to build a strong foundation for health and together we create a learning super organism that will change the world.